Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ready and Waiting

Well, finally the blog is set up! Now, I just have try to be consistent to update it often. Here's our first update for you...

So now that it's two weeks (less actually) away from Addison's due date, we are getting quite anxious for her arrival. The question is...WHEN will she make her debut? We're trying to be patient, but when you don't know the exact day, it's a daily discipline to just "be still and wait." This is not so easy for me, I'm not good at being still and waiting. I've been cleaning everything like crazy, making sure her room is ready and keeping the laundry up. So needless to say, I'm doing a lot of praying that the Lord will give me the strength daily to just rest. I know rest is necessary right now because I won't be getting much of that once she's here. God is so faithful in providing the strength I need each day to just trust in Him and not get anxious because I know that He's taking care of everything.We're so excited about her and can't wait to see what she'll be like. What a gift she already is to us. It has been a wonderful pregnancy, thankfully! I know this is something to be thankful for because it's not like that for everyone. These last few weeks have been the most challenging, simply because I'm past the point of uncomfortable and sleeping isn't an easy thing anymore. But I think that's God's way of just preparing me for what motherhood will be like. I'm so excited about being mom, but I do know that it's a tough job, so relying on the Lord will be a must! Matt's been so ready as well, he can't wait to have this sweet baby girl in his life and get to have Daddy-Addie time! He's going to be such an amazing dad! I can't wait to see him be a dad. So, here we are, waiting for Miss Addison to be here! I'll keep everyone posted as I can. Please be praying for us, for a healthy delivery and as we transition into the role of parents. Here are a few pictures from the last 8ish months.

The day we found out we're pregnant!!! 
Telling the fam! 
7 Weeks
First Sonogram

12 Weeks and 18 Weeks                                                 20 Weeks

Gender Reveal 

26 Weeks and 30 Weeks 

               37 Weeks