Thursday, December 27, 2012

Addison's First Christmas

Christmas was once again such a sweet time for our family. This year however, it was even sweeter with Miss Addison. We are so blessed to be in Baton Rouge with both families. It was a busy day for us, that's for sure, but it was so wonderful to see everybody.

What an awesome way to celebrate our Savior's birth, by being with those we love & being reminded of God's love for us. I am so grateful for the incredible gift we received when God sent Jesus, His son into this world. Jesus came as a precious baby, lived on this earth, taught us how to love & serve, and then he made the ultimate sacrifice for our sin on that cross. My debt is paid & I am free! Thank you Jesus!

Here are some pictures that captured our day! Sorry about the crazy picture arrangement (someone's going to have to show me how to arrange them the normal way, I can't seem to get it).



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